This Website

This website is my personal website and a hobbyist project of mine. It is a continuous work in progress. I get around to working on it from time to time. This blog section is powered by WordPress and a custom theme of mine. If you are browsing the site and notice something suddenly break or change, I may just be working on it at that time. This brings me to some of the things still on my TODO list for this website. I will add strike-throughs to items here when items are complete and may even add additional items as my plans evolve. Some items on my website TODO list:

  • Add my resume.
  • Add my bio. (Completed: 03/24/2022)
  • Add contact me section (Completed: 04/04/2022)
  • Add an SSL certificate and setup HTTPS (Completed: 03/22/2020)
  • Blog about my projects on this blog (Ongoing)
  • Make this website responsive and mobile compatible
  • Improve Styling (Although I am a terrible designer)
  • Create a system for non-live development and testing so that development is not done of my live website.
  • Add post date to post pages
  • Add post modified date to post pages
  • Add comments section

My intention is to blog about technical projects of mine for educational and reference purposes. I love to learn about how things work. I am most certainly a tinkerer. Some may even call me a hacker, depending on the definition you use. I would use the title myself, but I’m not sure I am worthy of such a title yet. As of writing this post, there is not much to see here, but I have resumed work on this website after about a 2 year hiatus. I hope you will find my future projects to be educational and inspiring.

Michael T. Kloos
Alias/Handle: Echelon X-Ray
FAA Certified Sport Pilot: ASEL
Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)